Vota Snapshot

How to use Vota snapshot

Install LZ4 (opens in a new tab) if needed

sudo apt update
sudo apt install snapd -y
sudo snap install lz4

Stop your node

sudo systemctl stop dorad

Download the latest doravota and compile dorad

You should check that you have deleted your local doravota source code and download the latest version.

rm -rf doravota
git clone
cd doravota && git checkout 0.3.1

The repo commit hash is 231861b (opens in a new tab). Please check it before you build the source code.

make install

Clean your local environment

Since Vota has enabled WASM and its /wasm folder is outside the data folder, ensure you have a clean start by deleting your /wasm folder and /data folder manually.

rm -rf $HOME/.dora/data $HOME/.dora/wasm

Due to the restart of a new P2P network environment, you also need to remove the old addrbook.json and add new peer nodes to you ~/.dorad/config/config.toml to ensure smooth data synchronization.

rm ~/.dora/config/addrbook.json
PEERS="d49defb23a75ff08c924622e3a2f69280983fed7@,d6e42c70316e354dcb44fd3a86e97b64fa99fc5e@,220204926f8da0e197572d458e205608306f1ed1@" && sed -i 's|^seeds *=.*|seeds = "'$PEERS'"|' $HOME/.dora/config/config.toml && sed -i 's|^persistent_peers *=.*|persistent_peers = "'$PEERS'"|' $HOME/.dora/config/config.toml

Download and decompress the snapshot

curl | lz4 -dc - | tar -xf - -C $HOME/.dora

Restart your node

Double check everything you have done.

sudo systemctl restart dorad && sudo journalctl -u dorad -f