Set up a reliable environment

For optimal performance and security, it is recommended to prepare an environment with:

  • Stable internet: Ensure reliable connectivity.
  • Secure computing platform: Maintain a safe and robust computer environment.
  • UNIX-like OS with a terminal app/emulator: macOS, Linux, or similar systems are recommended for better compatibility with Node.js and CLI operations.

Install necessary command-line tools

Install Node.js 18.x version

Visit the Node.js official download page (opens in a new tab) to get the latest 18.x (currently LTS) version for your platform.

The npm (Node Package Manager) CLI tool will be included in the Node.js installation.

Prepare a wallet for operation

To facilitate safe and seamless operations, you can set up your wallet by following the steps below:

Keplr wallet


Please keep in mind that a Keplr wallet with mnemonic phrase is necessary for Vota’s MACI operation. For more information, check out Keplr’s official guide (opens in a new tab).

  • Get the Keplr browser extension from the official channel (opens in a new tab).
  • Create a new account via mnemonic phrase, or import an existing one via mnemonic phrase.
  • A dedicated wallet account, used exclusively for MACI operations, is recommended.

Dora Vota Mainnet address

Sufficient DORA tokens

  • Get sufficient DORA tokens for gas fees, which will be consumed in the operation process. To start with, we recommend you prepare 5 DORA.
  • Please keep in mind that you should acquire DORA tokens on the Dora Vota Mainnet.

Currently, you can request a few DORA tokens from the faucet of Dora Vota Mainnet (opens in a new tab).

Build operation environment

Download source code

Download (opens in a new tab) and unzip source code for Vota operation, or clone it via Dora Factory’s official GitHub repo (opens in a new tab). Open your terminal, and navigate to the directory of the source code.

Install dependencies

npm install

Build the environment

npm run build