Deploy Round

Deploy Round

Generate keys for operator


Please store your keys securely, and keep your private key confidential.

If you are performing as a Vota MACI operator for the first time, please run the following command to generate your public-private key pair for MACI operation.

npm run key
# Your key pair will be printed on the terminal.
# Please securely store your key pairs for future use, and do not leak or lose your key pairs.

Deploy a voting round on Dora Vota

You can easily deploy a new round via the GUI on the Dora Vota website:

Deploy MACI

Create and deploy a round

  1. Follow the steps on the GUI to fill the required information, during which you will be asked to input the operator’s public key generated above.
  2. Send the transaction to deploy through the Keplr wallet extension. Make sure you have sufficient DORA tokens in your wallet account as gas fee.
  3. After waiting a few seconds for successful deployment, you can find your round on the website.

About MACI signup allowlist


Please keep in mind that the allowlist can only be changed before the round starts. Once the round enters the Ongoing phase, the allowlist can no longer be changed.

You can download the template of the MACI signup allowlist. The allowlist is a CSV file with two columns:

  • The first column is the address of the voters allowed in this round. The addresses must be a valid Dora Vota Mainnet addresses.
  • The second column is the amount of voice credits each voter will be assigned, which must be a positive integer.
dora1234567890abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz123, 100

Maintain the round information

By clicking the ⚙️ button on the page of round details, you can find the entries to edit round information:

  • Voting options: It is recommended to assign semantic names to the voting options before the round starts, which will be displayed to the voters.
  • Round information: You can update the title, description, and related link of the round at any time.